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East AlabamaWorks is proud to offer Leadership Skills Training classes throughout the East AlabamaWorks region. The classes are hosted in a different part of the region each quarter so that a maximum number of companies and citizens may participate in classes near them. Each class series consists of three courses…LS1, LS2, and LS3. It is preferred that the classes be taken in order, but it is not a requirement. At the end of each course, participants will earn a certificate of completion for that course.


Leadership Skills Training courses are designed to teach participants how to be better leader within their company or organization. Leadership classes are great for those who have recently been promoted into a leadership position, those who are being considered for promotion, and those who may already be in leadership, but need to brush up on their skills.


The actual classes and materials are provided at no charge; however, our location hosts provide lunch, snacks, and drinks for each class. To cover those costs, there is a $35 per person charge for the 2-day LS1 classes. The charge for the single-day LS2 and LS3 classes is $20 per person.


You will find outlines for each class linked below.


If you have any questions concerning our Leadership Skills Training classes, please contact Carl Brady at


Leadership Skills 1 – Building a Leadership Foundation (2 days)
• Leading People
• Communication
• Teamwork
• Leading Multiple Generations

Leadership Skills 1 Class Outline 

Leadership Skills 2 – Leading Through Others (1 day)
• Personality Style
• Diversity / Inclusion
• Conflict Management
• Motivating & Coaching Employees

Leadership Skills 2 Class Outline

Leadership Skills 3 – Leading Oneself (1 day)

• Emotional Intelligence
• Informed Decision Making
• Time Management
• Taking Initiative

Leadership Skills 3 Class Outline 


Third Quarter 2024

Fourth Quarter 2024

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